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Ludington State Park

Just two miles north of the town of Ludington is the picturesque Ludington State Park. Each year, the park welcomes nearly 850,000 people to visit its beaches, sand dunes, hiking and lighthouses. 

When you come to stay at Cartier Mansion, be sure to set aside time to visit the area's most popular attraction. 

About the Park

Ludington State Park draws visitors from near and far each year and is the most visited park in the state of Michigan. There are activities to keep every visitor happy among the 5,300 acres of land there including hardwood forests, marshland, lakeshore beaches and sand dunes. 

It's the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend getaway or a reunion with family and friends. 

Eighteen miles of hiking trails are located throughout the park in all difficulty levels, so bring your hiking gear! 

If you're hoping to get out on the water, then try out the marked canoe path in Hamlin Lake and take in the wildlife and marshes there. 

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

One of the most recognizable landmarks for visitors to Ludington State Park is the black-and-white striped lighthouse along the shore of Lake Michigan known as Big Sable Point. 

The lighthouse is maintained by the Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association and keeps it open for tours daily from May to October. For those who visit and wish to climb the lighthouse, there is a small $5 donation fee required per person. 

To register in advance, please call (231) 843-9261.


A little slice of heaven on earth! I've grown up coming here. There is nothing quite like it. The lake is beautiful and the trails are just fantastic. I enjoy walking them w my dog too.
Lillie G - Yelp
The park is beautiful! My boyfriend and I went camping in the park in mid-November. At that time, the park stores were closed for the season and there weren't many visitors as it's cold during this time of year. But we loved having the park to ourselves, especially since it's supposed to be very crowded in the summer. When we visited, the leaves were changing colors and it was absolutely beautiful! The locals mentioned the leaves typically change colors in mid- to late-October. The park has several short hiking trails that are very well marked. I'd highly recommend the Lost Lake/Island Trail and the Lighthouse Trail. The park also has a lot of beach front, which would be fun to relax at in the summer. We stayed for two night and were able to explore most of the park and were even able to spend an afternoon in town (Ludington). I'd highly recommend visiting Ludington State Park for a day trip or overnight stay!
Lauren W - Yelp
Beautiful state park!! We are camping right near Ludington and came here today. The beach is right there as soon as you drive in but if you go to the left it looks like there's some pretty nice campgrounds. My sister and I hiked from the Hamlin dam to lighthouse (around a 3 hour hike if you're going slowly and enjoying the view like we were). Super pretty scenery and not bad for hiking! Dog friendly as well since we passed by a few people walking with their dogs. After that we went along the lake back towards the entrance and we walked back to our car near the dam. Would definitely recommend that route!! The beach is very nice as well- the water is pretty warm!! There's another smaller beach at Hamlin Lake if you drive towards the dam it's right before there, but it seems better for boats/renting canoes/paddleboards/kayaks which we will probably do tomorrow as it looks really serene and scenic..
Greta S - Yelp